Via Valdellatorre 194, 10091 ALPIGNANO (TO) ITALIA - Phone: + 39 011.9664314 - 9664676 - Fax: + 39 011.9665762 - VAT Nr. and Fiscal Code: 07844650015 - REA TO-925830 - Share Capital fully paid: € 10.000,00

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UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

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Our business started in 1980 thanks to brothers Claudio and Luigi Bonetto, holders of the first patent of an electric door opener system for buses; during the years the company has grown and changed itís shareholding structure, with the exit of Luigi and the entrance of Mrs Pampolini Oriana, businesswoman and wife of Claudio; in 2004 the company moves into the new plants site in Via Valdellatorre 194, an industrial complex of 4000 square meters.
The company designs by itself all the components; each product is followed from its birth up to the creation and installation on the vehicle, to ensure the control of the characteristics and quality required.


Our company has always dealt both with Original Equipment customer and small Artisan Coachbuilders; so we have been able to combine the quality and standards process related to the Big Industry with the versatility and flexibility required from the Artisan world.
Our products are designed constantly trying to reduce installation time on the vehicle, because we know that a constant savings is get by helping to improve the process for our customers.
Our mission is to always answer as soon as possible to our customer, offering high quality solutions with correct prices and reduced installation time, to facilitate our customer with easy delivery and respectful of the time required, to manufacture products that once installed donít need special maintenance and above meet each request with the courtesy and the passion that who 30 years ago has founded our company.